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    Guangzhou Huashang College 
     學校由世界著名生物化學家、中國科學院院士陳新滋教授擔任校長, 諾貝爾化學獎得主、法國化學家Jean-Marie Lehn教授為名譽校長。
     十多年來,華商學院已為國家培養了各類優秀人才4萬多人。畢業生主要在財經、金融、商貿、管理、語言、外事等領域就業,初次就業率連續多年均在96%以上,初次就業率高于全省平均水平, 用人單位對畢業生滿意率在96%以上。

    Guangzhou Huashang College, formerly Huashang College Guangdong University of Finance & Economics, is a full-time and high-level application-oriented undergraduate college, covering economics, management, literature, engineering, art, teaching, science, medicine, etc., also the largest undergraduate college with distinctive characteristics of finance and economics in the Greater Bay Area. In November, 2020, it changes its former name from an independent college affiliated to a public university to Guangzhou Huashang College, officially approved by the Ministry of Education, PRC.
    At present, the college has eight teaching schools and two teaching divisions, as well as International School, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and School of Continuing Education, covering 37 undergraduate majors,including 9 international classes for double degrees jointly conferred by Huashang and other higher learning institutions abroad, 7 bilingual classes and 3 overseas innovation classes. In addition, there are two Guangdong provincial key disciplines, namely, Accounting and Journalism & Communication. The college has enrolled a number of students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and are officially qualified to enroll foreign students.
    The college has been respectively awarded the titles of Top Ten Independent Colleges of Guangdong Province,Excellent College of Non-government Higher Education in China, Independent College with Most Employment Competitiveness in Guangdong Province and College with Most Comprehensive Strength in Guangdong Province,Top 3 China Independent College of Finance and Economics, Outstanding Contribution Award of Contemporary Non-government Schools in Guangdong, Outstanding Contribution Institution of 40th Anniversary Non-government Education in Guangdong, etc.
    Over the past ten years, Guanghzou Huashang College has cultivated more than 40,000 good talents for the country,who are mainly employed in the fields of finance, economics, trade, management, languages, foreign affairs, etc.,with the initial employment rate over 96% , which is higher than the average level of that in the province, and with the satisfaction rate of employers to its graduates over 96% for many years.