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        Huashang Education Group, a comprehensive investment management institution of private education, was founded in the year of 2003 by Mr. Liao Rongjiu, who is the first generation of outstanding entrepreneurs after reform and opening up, as well as a standing committee member of Guangdong Provincial Political Consultative Conference.
        Huashang Education Group currently consists of the following colleges and institutions: Huashang College Guangdong University of Finance & Economics, Guangzhou Huashang Vocational College attaching Huashang Hotel Management College, Huashang Auto Engineering College;Huashang Global Business College of Australia; Huashang Poly Top Talent International Kindergarden; Huashang Changqing University. Huashang Education Group is now planning to cooperate with famous universities from both inside and outside Guangdong Province to establish affiliated secondary and primary schools of high level, high quality and high grade, and the Group has developed into a comprehensive education group covering higher education, vocational education, international education, early childhood education, basic education and life-long education.
        華商教育集團創建十余年來,始終堅守“實業報國、教育興邦”的情懷理想和社會責任,始終堅持“創百年名校,育華夏英才”的辦學理念,緊緊圍繞 “立足廣東,面向全國,走向世界”的戰略布局,專注辦學,依法辦學、規范辦學,創新辦學,謀劃構建全方位、多層次辦學體系,致力于做百年老校,做一流品牌,為社會創造一個永葆青春,長盛不衰,屹立不倒的千秋基業。
        For more than a decade since its establishment, Huashang Education Group has always, sticking to the ideal and social responsibility of “contribute to the nation with achievement and rejuvenate the nation by education”, abiding by the educational concept of “establish an institution of long history and cultivate talents of Chinese nation”, closely surrounding the strategy of “basing on Guangdong while facing the whole country and marching to the world”, focused on education in accordance with laws and regulations, developed education full of innovation, and planned to build a comprehensive and multi-level education system, so as to endeavor to create an institution of long history with top banding, and contribute to the society a long-standing and long-prosperous career.